7 Top Albania Artists You May or May Not Know

7 Top Albania Artists You May or May Not Know

Albania artists have been doing great and we can see it from time to time. Some of them may be well known to you while some are like total strangers to you.

In this page, we are going to list top Albania artistes for you. You will get to know them here so hop in let’s get to know them.


1.Era Istrefi

Era Istrefi

Era Istrefi

Era Istrefi is an Kosovar and Albanian singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Pristina, she rose to international recognition with the breakthrough single “BonBon”, which drew comparisons to the musical works of Rihanna and Sia.

Born: 4 July 1994 (age 26 years), Pristina

Height: 1.73 m

Siblings: Nora Istrefi, Bledi Istrefi, Nita Istrefi

Nationality: Albanian, Kosovar

Albums: Mani për money, E dehun, Bonbon EP, Gzone Rainbow Anthems, Vol. 2

See full profile here

2. GhElvana Gjata

GhElvana Gjata

GhElvana Gjata

Elvana Gjata, also known mononymously as Elvana, is an Albanian singer, songwriter, composer, actress and entrepreneur, who has been recognised for embracing a variety of musical styles throughout her career. Before her professional career, she performed in diverse singing and dancing competitions as a child.

Born: 3 February 1987 (age 33 years), Tirana, Albania

Nationality: Albanian

Movies: 2 Fingers Honey

Albums: Afër dhe Larg, 3

Read more about her here


3. Juliana Pasha

Juliana Pasha

Juliana Pasha

Juliana Pasha is an Albanian singer. In 2010, she won Honorary Citizen Award of Burrel from the mayor of the city. After she went into Eurovision in 2010 she won the first prize in the festival “Kenga Magjike” with the song called “Sa e shite zemren”.

Born: 20 May 1980 (age 40 years), Burrel, Albania

Genre: Pop

See her complete profile here


4. Olta Boka

Olta Boka

Olta Boka

Olta Boka is an Albanian singer, known for representing Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with the song “Zemrën e lamë peng”, after winning Festivali i Këngës 46.

Born: 13 September 1991 (age 29 years), Tirana, Albania

Genres: Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Pop rock

See here full profile here


5. Alban Skënderaj

Alban Skenderaj

Alban Skenderaj

Alban Skënderaj is an Albanian singer, songwriter, composer, actor, recording producer and television personality. He was born in Lushnjë and has established himself as a viable alternative and pop rock artist in Albania and the Albanian-speaking world.

Born: 20 April 1982 (age 38 years), Lushnjë, Albania

Spouse: Miriam Cani

Award: List of awards and nominations received by Alban Skënderaj

Associated acts: Miriam Cani, Donika Nuhiu

Genres: Alternative rock, Pop rock

See complete profile here


6. Shpat Kasapi

Shpat Kasapi

Shpat Kasapi

Shpat Kasapi is an Albanian singer and songwriter from North Macedonia. He is popular among the young female Albanian audience in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

Born: 1 May 1985 (age 35 years), Tetovo, North Macedonia

Instrument: Singing

Albums: Kush Te Ndau Prej Meje, Shpat Kasapi (Live), Bukurane, Gajdexhiu, more

Genres: Pop music, Rock, Rhythm and blues, Dance music

Record labels: Eurolindi, Shpat Kasapi

See full profile here


7. Luiz Ejlli

Luiz Ejlli

Luiz Ejlli

Luiz Ejlli is an Albanian singer. He is best known for representing Albania at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, after winning the 44th edition of Festivali i Këngës.
Born: 12 July 1985 (age 35 years)
See full profile here.

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