BBNaija Queen Narrates On How She Fought Hard To Maintain Her Friendship With Whitemoney

BBNaija Queen Narrates On How She Fought Hard To Maintain Her Friendship With Whitemoney

BBNaija reality star, Queen Mercy Atang, has recounted how she had fought hard to keep her friendship with White Money.

She took to her social media page to write a lengthy emotional note in which she described White Money as the ‘fair skinned guy’ she had noticed on entering the house.

She had tried everything she could to strike up a relationship with White Money and even had to stop flirting with other guys even apologizing to White Money for sharing a kiss with Cross.

She revealed that she had been saving up money in the house in order to buy flowers and wine and apologize to him in a special way but her plans failed as she was evicted before carrying it out.

She wrote:

“Days on I noticed another guy in the house 🙈Light skin, well build, sexy tattoo on his body @cross_daboss My brothers and sisters your girl became Alice in wonder 🤣 In the garden pere, cross and I were chilling . And I quickly ask cross. But why haven’t I noticed you since I entered this house. I like fair guys and you’re fair 🤣Pere said to me chia this girl . I no sure say you Dey ok.

Let me not use the exact words he called me 🤣My stay in biggies was fun and interesting. And I’m thankful I had one friend in the house who was there for me. Unfortunately along the line, we had our little misunderstanding in the house. Which I quickly apologized for, I tried my best to make peace at all time we had issues. Yes I fought for our friendship because I was already used to playing, disturbing and teasing him.

I was very comfortable around him. Noticing my friend was giving another attention made me really sad… I can jealous sha🙈 I can recall a particular Friday I kept to myself all through . That night I told cross and Pere to take care of me, I’m very light headed so I don’t really do much alcohol but then I was ready to drink and get high . Because I was sad. Unfortunately that night. I and cross had our pool kiss. I was a little tipsy🙈 I can recall this didn’t sit well with my dear friend, and occasionally he will always advise me to stop flirting with cross and other guys…. But then you’re doing your own thing what do you want me to do….. Anyways I was obedient and I stopped… and apologized to him because I didn’t want to lose our friendship… I was already too use to him… I really wanted to apologize in a special way and say sorry. So I stopped using my Abeg Naira …. I was saving up to get him flowers and wine and a card . I kept begging biggie for this …. I planned this surprise with Nini and saga …. I can recall one Saturday we were trying to do our weekly buying and I refused to buy. I told him to shop for me. He said I don’t like stingy girls playfully . He had no idea I was trying to save enough Abeg Naira to shop for him. Unfortunately for me I was evicted 🥺



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