Bingham University VC Expresses Shock As He Meets Ruger (Video)

Bingham University VC Expresses Shock As He Meets Ruger (Video)

Popular Nigerian singer, Ruger, paid a courtesy visit to the Bingham University in Karu, Nasarawa State.

Accompanied by his team, the young artist met with the esteemed Vice Chancellor, Professor Williams Barnabas Quirx, resulting in an unexpected encounter.

The visit took an amusing twist when Prof Quirx expressed his astonishment at Ruger’s physical appearance.

The Vice Chancellor admitted that he has always imagined the musician, whom he had seen on television, to be bigger than he was in real life.

However, upon meeting Ruger in person, he was taken aback by the singer’s relatively small stature.

A video capturing the memorable moment of their interaction has since gone viral, showcasing the genuine surprise on Prof Qurix’s face.

The video shows the Vice Chancellor warmly welcoming Ruger with a handshake, while expressing his disbelief at the singer’s smaller frame.

in his words:

”I can’t believe this, I can’t believe you are small boy. Welcome, I thought he was going to be one mighty man.”

Watch the video below:

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