[LYRICS] BIG30 ft Future – Whatever Come With It

[LYRICS] BIG30 ft Future – Whatever Come With It

Read “BIG30 ft Future – Whatever Come With It Lyrics” Below:

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[Intro: Future & BIG30]
Future Hendrix, 30
Whatever come with it
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah
Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd (Big Blrrrd)

[Verse 1: BIG30]
When gangster shit pop out, most of you niggas don’t get into that
Can’t post on my block, meal rinse, how that where they sendin’ at? (They killin’ it)
Catch me by myself, skinny jeans, forty racks, a fitted hat
And we gon’ come through first, me and my niggas don’t do spinnin’ back (At all)
Ain’t no understandin’ that not all of them kills they overstood
Slidin’ down, one deep, stand over him like a hoverboard
These rappers be lame and they ain’t street, talkin’ ’bout they close to hood
WO8, whacked on the ride, you know we overdo it (It’s murder)
Blrrrd, talkin’ ’bout a no-show in the city (Where?)
I’m tryna kill a nigga, so they gotta give me fifty (On God)
Just got off the phone with Shiest’, he told me, “They tryna get me” (Real Shiest’)
And the feds don’t know nothin’, he said, “Them folks handin’ out digits”
Damn, them folks really tryna get me
I gotta move strategic, can’t get knocked up off my pimpin’
Know until my heart stop, BIG30 gon’ handle business
Put this shit up on my back, takin’ whatever that come with it

[Verse 2: Future]
That gangster shit pop off, don’t get into that
We not the ones runnin’ to the Internet
Whatever come with it, whatever come with it
You ain’t sellin’ dope or slimin’ shit out, you ain’t my twin
Hate it gotta be like this, that’s just how I see it
Came up real treacherous, heart on freeze
Run off with my liberty, rollin’ with my demons
Seen a lot of hurt, get high and pray to the dead
Richer than Mustafa, but I made it out the jungle (Yeah)
Go against, it get you lined up, in the gutter in designer (Yeah)
For my brothers, I’ll take a gamble, put your friends out on camera (Pluto)
Tote a fully auto, everywhere I’m drippin’ up the park
Had exotic bitches by the dozen, can’t never miss a loss
She don’t talk more than two languages, she not the one (Not)
Real diamonds on me, you can see it hittin’ from afar
I was street wrappin’ up bales, now I rap sellin’ out the shows
It’s hard to relate to niggas who never killed nothin’ before (Show)
Takin’ this pain with me everywhere I go around the globe
Sixteen zips on me, got my cup in this load
Whatever came with the blood on the money (Came with the blood)
Fuck all this fame, niggas see it any morning (Fuck all this fame)
Have to keep that flame if a nigga try to harm me (Hoo)
Get the location on your opps, throw them a party

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