Islamic Cleric Preaches To Congregation With Seyi Vibez Lyrics

Islamic Cleric Preaches To Congregation With Seyi Vibez Lyrics

An Islamic cleric popularly known as an Alfa has been captured on camera quoting the lyrics from one of Seyi Vibez hit songs while preaching.

The video which has gone viral on social media captured the moment a cleric opted for music lyrics other than Quarnic verses to preach to his congregation.

The Alfa could be heard quoting a couple of lines from the lyrics of ‘IQ’ song from the fast-rising singer, Seyi Vibez.

While quoting the second verse of the song, ge said:

tinma kigbee (I will shout)

Pound sterlings, dirham (Pound sterling’s, Dirham)

Sh’owo yi de ma Kari? (Will this money go round)

A-A-Aye, ma pami (Life don’t kill me)

Mo ma jere laala mi (I will reap the fruit of my Labour)

Gbogbo oun t’oun dun mi l’adayo (Everything sweeting me with turn to happiness)

He continued by encouraging his congregation to hold on tight to the lyrics and not take it lightly.

The video has since sparked mixed reactions on social media as many applauded the singer for his meaningful lyrics.

Watch the video below:

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