Popular Social Media Influencer Dies Over A Failed Butt Surgery

Popular Social Media Influencer Dies Over A Failed Butt Surgery

A popular Nigerian social media influencer, Christabel has lost her life after a failed butt enlargement surgery.

She died as a result of complications from a failed plastic surgery done here in Nigeria. A friend of hers, Miss Posha confirmed her death yesterday evening, and explained how she died from the failed surgery.

She was believed to have left her home sound and healthy, only to go meet her death over her desires to have a bigger butt.

The hospital in charge of the failed surgery didn’t deem it necessary to publicise her death until her friends who knew about her ambition before the tragedy spilled it.

Her friend, taking to her twitter page, she tweeted” I want to bring this to the public . A friend just died at this hospital in Lagos Nigeria, few days ago. where she underwent surgery. Now I’m not against anybody that want to enhance their body or anything as such, is your body life and choice, so do want you love.

“But I’m against doctors that claim they have experience abroad, come down to Nigeria to kill young people, after the surgery she complained of bleeding and the doctors claimed is normal it will stop, now this is the problem, how are you a highly skilled and professional plastic surgeon with experience abroad and someone you finish operating on, complained about bleeding and you said is normal it will stop? Neglecting her no care whatsoever ! Are you sick!💔the most annoying part here’s, this gal died days ago without anybody knowing and the hospital did not find it needful to contact any of her relatives. Until the few friends who knew she was going for plastic surgery said she supposed to have been back since days now, now they decided to go to the hospital to check on her; arriving they were offered a letter that her body has been deposited at the mortuary.”

“This is sickening , now I think the government need to come into this health system and check the capability of most surgeons and make there own if really they are well trained surgeons to operate on humans if not license should be seized ! Arrest and jailed! RIP crystabel”.

A lot of Nigerians has flooded all social media platforms as they share their respective opinions on the case.

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